This tutorial shows how to insert data from an excel spreadsheet to a relational database. We use the pandas library, so this tutorial should be especially useful for pandas users who want to save their data-frames into a database. This operation can be done without the use of any additional library.

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Importing the spreadsheet

Pandas is the most used Python library for data-analysis and manipulation. The basic Pandas entity is a Data-Frame. This post examines how we deal with dates in Data-Frames. We look at possible points of confusion and their solutions.

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Loading the Data-Frame

When we load the data-frame, either through read_csv or read_excel, we can specify which field contains the date, so that the string can be parsed into a datetime object right away. We do that with attribute parse_dates.

Loading the file

I wrote a story about multi-tasking earlier. This time I will build on that idea and look at diverse tasks and interests in a longer time frame.

We are inclined to organize our perception around categories. When evaluating people one of the main categories is their profession. Standard pathways of career development are focused on early and narrow specialization. The book Range makes an account against early specialization. I will illustrate the advantages available to people with broad skills. I will also point to possible pitfalls of the generalist approach and offer tips on how to avoid them.

Tennis is a sport suitable for generalists(i.e., Roger Federer)

Range presents…

It is interesting how a name can live in the public sphere, even though it had been rejected by the scientific community. In the end it turned out the name used by the public was indeed representative of a distinct species.

The structure of the essay is good. You do a good job of introducing the story in the first three paragraphs and than you elaborate the points later.

I wrote a story about productivity a while ago. I want to now elaborate on some of it’s ideas. We live in a world that is dramatically different from the one our ancestors lived in. The new circumstances gave birth to new ideas about optimal use of one’s mind. The idea of multi-tasking has been very popular for a long time. However a lot of pushback has surfaced recently. This story will take a look at how different situations and motivations affect the utility of multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking research

Research about multi-tasking studies tasks appearing in a extremely short time frame. Initial research

Regular Expressions are a useful thing to learn. Essentially, they are a tool for parsing text.


They are present in almost every language, albeit with some variance. Therefore regular expressions are knowledge you can transfer between different technologies. This article will focus on the Python version of Regex.

I am building on the articles I have read from Aphinya Dechalert and Sadrach Pierre, Ph.D.. Link to respective articles are at the bottom.

They can be applied in parsing data structure without any protocol. Formats such as JSON or XML have custom parser that are usually to use. However sometimes you…

Basketball and baseball have been taken over by data-science considerably more than football. However things are changing, even though the latter has less informative data.

I have been developing a machine learning predictor of results of football games. Needless to say, tangible results are hard to achieve. Basketball is different from football in that the result of the latter is always related to the game-play to some degree. Football on the other can have a game in which the result is completely uncoupled with performance on the pitch. Think of Greece’s unlikely run in the 2004 Euros. Having said that…

I am continuing my series of post, which attempt to apply psychological theories on the process of learning how to code.

I wrote about optimum learning strategies of learning earlier.

Debugging is an essential part of being a programmer, yet there are very few courses focused on improving one’s debugging skills. It is estimated software developers spend around 50% of their working hours debugging. Therefore, it is ironic that courses specifically focused on these transferable skills are largely absent from university curriculum. …

Programming courses are increasingly more popular among people. The availability of knowledge is great, however without a long-term strategy one could risk wasting time. I am presenting some tips on increasing the returns of your efforts.

Compound knowledge

Technical knowledge is by definition fast expiring. Therefore when somebody says IT knowledge is one for the future, take that with a grain of salt. If you don’t apply your knowledge and delve into the semantics, your knowledge will quickly become obsolete. The famous investor Warren Buffet never learned about the emerging IT market, yet still outperformed the market. His rationale was that he…

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